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I remember our first sight,
Eyes met, swept and clouded mind.
Our passions soared high,
To nigh?

I remember our first night,
Under the moonlit starlight.
Toes curled, fingers furled, body arched and sight dark,
Was I purblind?

I remember our first day,
As man and wife.
Inseparable hands and smiles, a dream come true,
Or just a wishful thought? A n‘mare to start?

I remember our first fight,
Seething eyes and biting words.
With slamming doors and tearful woes,
Eyes shut to the omens?

I remember that day,
When I saw you with her.
Maybe a sister, a friend, a lover?
Why did I not catechise?

I remember that hour,
Well into the night
As you slithered silently out the door, like sand through my fingers,
Oh, why did I?

I am here tonight,
As I lay, too weak to stay,
As my spirit awaits the grim, my body the dissolution.
As I contemplate our decade.

When did the wings shear, the angles’ songs cease?
Were we born wingless? Were the devils in guise?
Or was it just a rumor of flights and carols, and of feathers and celeste,
That kept nos afloat as we sank?

My love, let me see you once final,
Just another touch, a kiss, a clasp.
Just another word,
Of love, of rue, of plea, of regret.

Oh, my unrequited love,
As I ever have and forever will.
One Last time,
My amore, my consort, my bower, my obelisk.

My eyes closed, I mediate.
Mayhap destined to fail,
For you ne’er came,
As I wither alone, my final exhale.

                                        – Laksara

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The Predator

I wait. Wait in silence.

I have waited for a hundred thousand years,

And I will have a hundred thousand more.

For my prey. For the prey to come.


I stay still. Still as a statuette.

Patient as a priest, quite as the dead,

For I have all the time in the world.

In my world,

I am the king and the kingdom.


I feel. Feel my senses flare..

The eyes that see miles to come,

The ears that hear the bats sing and then some.

The skin, taut as muscles, strong as bones,

Are all mine. Mine alone.


My prey. The prey comes near.

And anticipation sets here.

For its soft skin. It’s racing heart, Music to my ears

For the slick, sticky sweet crimson elixir,

Making thousand little promises,

Of happiness, satisfaction and gratification,

And oh, so much more.


I smile. Smile to myself.

For I am no longer the prey.

I was once, not knowing.

My true nature. My true form. My true strength.

I am God of the prey,

I am the hunter.

The predator.