Arts Next DoorThe World is full of art and it’s attributes. It’s in our lives; part of us, among us and around us. Arts Next Door is just a glimpse of the arts that surrounds me. Music, Dance, Paintings, Doodles you name it, it’ll be there.

It’s everywhere.

The honking of cars, the chirping of early-morning birds, a shower song, the sound of traffic at peak hours – it’s all music, if we want it to be.

Everybody can dance. A graceful walk, a skip to an unknown tune, the seaside waves, the flowing leaves when there is a breeze, a happy jig… there is no competition. It’s just you and you alone.

Do you really want me to talk about the colours of the wold that paints our world everyday? or what about a picture perfect sunset? A child’s beautiful watery smile?

Art has no bounds…

We aren’t Da Vinci’s and Picaso’s… Neither are we the next Beyonce or Michael Jackson. We’re just an awesome bunch who love what we are doing.

It’s all in the perception. Come join me, as I try and explore the various perspective of art around me… around us.

We’re a bunch of cool people ;P, starting this blog,  eager to share our glimpse of art around us… with you.

Arts Next Door… Around us.. Around you…


If You want any of your works to be featured here, please do send it to artsnextdoor.wp@gmail.com along with your Name and a brief description of yourself (and any social media profile you want to linked to)…  🙂 



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