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Happy Birthday, Shruti!!!

My Dear Dear Shruti!!

Birthdays, to be honest, are just like any other day. The sun still rises and sets, fishes still swim, the horses continue to run, we still have college, we still attend classes (or we can choose to bunk :P), breakups do happen, love still conquers, you are still you and I’m still me and all that…….But what makes them special is how we chose to see that day. We can choose to treat birthdays the same as any other day, or you can do an 180 degree and turn the ordinary to extraordinary. And you’ve got this down to a pat!!

I absolutely love your enthusiasm!! I remember, during January, you were like “Guess what, my birthday’s coming!!”. And ever month after that you just got more and more excited.

And today, on April 10th (finally!! :P), I’ve seen you at your brightest, most excited, and everything just most… You not only make the day special for you, but for everyone else too. In the 2 years I’ve known you, I can honestly say that your birthdays are one of the few birthdays I can remember very well (even better than mine). And one of the few birthdays I look forward to, just to see your enthusiasm and the purest form of joy. It’s very infectious!!

I hope you always remain this bubbly, beautiful girl that you are on this very very special day. Always. On this day, it’s just you, nothing else matters.

Many, many, many happy returns of the day, Shruti!!! I love you  ❤

– Laksara



Hey all!! No, that's not my real name... :P I do a lot of things, mostly write.... but this blog is not just for me, but for a group of friends, mates, etc.. who have talent, but think they aren't that good. I say, 'who cares', when you know you can do something, share it with the world. So, that's what this really is, sharing with the world. Hope you guys like it!! :)

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