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I remember our first sight,
Eyes met, swept and clouded mind.
Our passions soared high,
To nigh?

I remember our first night,
Under the moonlit starlight.
Toes curled, fingers furled, body arched and sight dark,
Was I purblind?

I remember our first day,
As man and wife.
Inseparable hands and smiles, a dream come true,
Or just a wishful thought? A n‘mare to start?

I remember our first fight,
Seething eyes and biting words.
With slamming doors and tearful woes,
Eyes shut to the omens?

I remember that day,
When I saw you with her.
Maybe a sister, a friend, a lover?
Why did I not catechise?

I remember that hour,
Well into the night
As you slithered silently out the door, like sand through my fingers,
Oh, why did I?

I am here tonight,
As I lay, too weak to stay,
As my spirit awaits the grim, my body the dissolution.
As I contemplate our decade.

When did the wings shear, the angles’ songs cease?
Were we born wingless? Were the devils in guise?
Or was it just a rumor of flights and carols, and of feathers and celeste,
That kept nos afloat as we sank?

My love, let me see you once final,
Just another touch, a kiss, a clasp.
Just another word,
Of love, of rue, of plea, of regret.

Oh, my unrequited love,
As I ever have and forever will.
One Last time,
My amore, my consort, my bower, my obelisk.

My eyes closed, I mediate.
Mayhap destined to fail,
For you ne’er came,
As I wither alone, my final exhale.

                                        – Laksara

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