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The Predator

I wait. Wait in silence.

I have waited for a hundred thousand years,

And I will have a hundred thousand more.

For my prey. For the prey to come.


I stay still. Still as a statuette.

Patient as a priest, quite as the dead,

For I have all the time in the world.

In my world,

I am the king and the kingdom.


I feel. Feel my senses flare..

The eyes that see miles to come,

The ears that hear the bats sing and then some.

The skin, taut as muscles, strong as bones,

Are all mine. Mine alone.


My prey. The prey comes near.

And anticipation sets here.

For its soft skin. It’s racing heart, Music to my ears

For the slick, sticky sweet crimson elixir,

Making thousand little promises,

Of happiness, satisfaction and gratification,

And oh, so much more.


I smile. Smile to myself.

For I am no longer the prey.

I was once, not knowing.

My true nature. My true form. My true strength.

I am God of the prey,

I am the hunter.

The predator.





Hey all!! No, that's not my real name... :P I do a lot of things, mostly write.... but this blog is not just for me, but for a group of friends, mates, etc.. who have talent, but think they aren't that good. I say, 'who cares', when you know you can do something, share it with the world. So, that's what this really is, sharing with the world. Hope you guys like it!! :)

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